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 What is a KML file and how is it used

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A KML file is a file that contains geographic data. KML files are used to locate on maps different places that are related to each other. KML files were developed for use with the Google Earth program, but they can also be used with the Google Maps application. To insert a KML file, carry out the following steps:
1. Download, install and execute the Google Earth program on your computer.
2. Click "Add" and then "Network Link"


3. A dialogue window will appear. Change the name, for example, enter     “Spanish Government". 


4. Click "Browse" and select the desired KML file. In the example we will use the KML file of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade


5. Click "Open" and then, "OK". The offices will be automatically be added in the "Places" side panel.

6. When you click on any of the links, it will take the map to that position.

You can use more of the program's functions, such as route tracing, distance calculation, 3D views, etc. We recommend you view the help content to find out more about these options.

For more information on KML files or Google Earth, go to the following URL's:

If you wish you can use other geolocalisation options available over the Internet: 

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